Save Lives = Save Money

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The CDC reports that 8 people are killed in an accident caused by distracted driving each day and 28 people are killed from DUI accidents daily. Distracted driving is anything that takes your eyes off the road, your mind off the road, or your hands off the wheel. Most phone apps pose a triple danger threat since they cause all three.

Distracted Driving can include:

  • Eating
  • Talking to other passengers
  • Talking on the phone
  • Texting
  • Using apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Pokémon Go, Facebook, email, etc.

These distractions are dangerous for skilled and new drivers alike but are especially dangerous for teenage drivers who lack experience and are more likely to believe they are invincible. Traffic accidents are the leading cause of death among teenagers in the US and cell phone use while driving is a big part of that. So what can we do to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe? Continue reading below

Pull over

If you are getting an important call, or your phone keeps beeping from incoming texts, simply pull over to the side of the road or find a parking lot to stop to talk and text.

Hand it off

If you are driving with a trusted friend or relative, ask them to reply to the incoming texts saying that you are driving and will respond soon. This also spreads the message that you are a responsible driver and may make others think twice before texting while driving.

Use a safe driving app

There are now apps available to help you stay focused on the road. Some good options are Drive Beehive, DriveAlive Lite, AT&T DriveMode, and Wonder. These apps use a variety of techniques to help keep avoid distractions from incentives for safe driving to blocking all incoming text messages while driving.

But here's more! Saving money can be a great motivating factor to stay safe. Most auto insurance companies offer some sort of discount for safe driving. Continue reading below

Discounts* by Insurance Company

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
The Steer Clear Safe Driver Discount Program is for drivers under 25 who have had no at-fault accidents or moving violations during the past three years. The driver needs to watch a video and fill out paperwork discussing safe driving pledges and a mandatory driving log.
The Defensive Driver Discount is for drivers who have voluntarily completed a defensive driving course. Other eligibility criteria vary by State.
Allstate Insurance Company
The Safe Driver Rewards program includes bonus checks for a year of safe driving, deductible rewards and accident-free discounts.
Progressive Casualty Insurance Company
Snapshot is a device that you plug into your car and Progressive can monitor your driving to see if your safe driving habits should be turned into discounts.

Distracted driving deaths can be prevented! Talk with your loved ones about being safe on the road and not driving while distracted. Please visit for more information ∎

*Some discounts are not available in all 50 states so please check with your local provider.